CarTrawler Price Promise

This offer is valid only for all car hire bookings made on Should a passenger find a cheaper car hire price on a car hire supplier’s direct website than the price paid to CarTrawler for the same pick up and return dates and times, same location and same car hire booking details*, then CarTrawler will pay "double the difference**" between the car hire price paid to CarTrawler and the lower price quoted on the other car hire supplier’s direct website. Please note that aggregator’s sites are NOT included; only car hire Supplier’s direct sites

The price quoted will include all mandatory taxes, fees and charges, but will exclude fuel and any other optional extra fees***. In order to qualify for the "double the difference**" guarantee, a passenger must book a car hire on, pick up and return the car hire. Exceptions apply in those cases, where the passenger would be entitled to a refund or a modification of his/her booking, as per the CarTrawler Booking Engine Terms and Conditions.

The passenger needs to submit the claim using the attached form (English only) to within 1 hour of making the booking. Should a claimant for any reason fail to submit the claim form within 1 hour of making the booking on, then that claim will be deemed as late and will be disregarded for the purposes of this promotion. Claims will only be accepted where the pick up and return locations and times, and car hire booking details are exactly the same as the original car hire booked through

A screen print of the supplier’s offered price (including all mandatory taxes, fees and charges) must be emailed with the claim form. CarTrawler will then verify the "competitor price" within 1 hour of receipt (only during office hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday). If the 'competitor price' cannot be verified on the internet then the claim will be invalid.

Claims can only be made for a car hire booking that is exactly the same in relation to the pick up and return date, time and location of the care hire booking and where the car hire booking details** are exactly the same as that displayed on a car hire supplier’s direct website.

The number of claims is limited to 1 per passenger per calendar month with a maximum of 2 claims per calendar year (January - December). Once the initial claim has been verified by CarTrawler, the claimant will be notified by email within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) of the acceptance (subject to final verification that the passenger/s picked up and returned the car hire on the itinerary) of the "double the difference claim". In the case of successful claims (post return of car hire) the relevant "double the difference" sum will be processed within 5 working days post return to the credit/debit card account provided at the time of booking.

Car hire supplier employees and their families are excluded from claiming under CarTrawler's lowest price guarantee.

CarTrawler's decision in relation to all claims will be final. CarTrawler reserves the right to amend or discontinue this promotion at any time by giving 24 hour notice to that effect, at its sole discretion.

*The car hire booking details that must be the same as the Supplier brand, fuel policy, one way fees, on airport location or off airport location, payment model i.e. pre-pay/part pay/deposit/post-pay, mandatory extras (e.g. snow tyres), cross-border travel fees, car type, drivers age, mileage policy, airport fees, insurance excess requirement (i.e. the deposit to be authorised by the car rental agent on the vehicle driver’s credit card), bundled products (e.g. insurance included in the rental price).

**In the case of successful claims, CarTrawler will pay the passenger double the difference between any competitor's lower return price and CarTrawler's quoted price for the same itinerary (see above). Each claim will be subject to a maximum cap of €/£200 or local currency equivalent per passenger hire. Therefore where the difference between CarTrawler's price and the cheaper competitor price exceeds €/£100 or local currency equivalent, the maximum amount payable by CarTrawler in such cases will be capped at €/£200 or local currency equivalent

***Optional extras include but are not limited to additional drivers, GPS, child seats etc